Hex Imperium 2021

A turn-based strategy game where you try to conquer the hex world against up to seven other human or AI opponents.

Treader 2014, updated 2021

A clean, list-oriented, multi-user RSS reader application.

Ruin Quest 2013-2016, updated 2020

A web-based adventure game. You give your hero his orders, then he searches the ruins for loot while you resume doing productive things with your life.

Bitlobber 2014

Transfer data to/from public computers without entering credentials (which could be keylogged), and without inserting USB keys (which could be infected).

Guitar Buddy 2014

A set of simple exercises to gamify the learning of note locations on the guitar neck.

Super Dogfighters 2012

A real-time airplanes game to explore the potential of websockets as a component of real-time gaming. Challenge your friends!

Unshuffle 2012, updated 2021

A many-player word-finding game, originally as an exercise for learning the Go programming language.

Colors Interpolator 2016

A utility for generating sequences of colors between two or more key color values, in RGB component or Hex format.

mithril_util 2013 onwards

A Javascript library providing a bit of extra utility around mithril.js, used by several of my applications linked here. There are two parts: a JQuery-like syntax for constructing Mithril templates, and a framework for implementing drag & drop and touch operations on web pages as a single, unified API relying on mithril.js.

Whiskyfest List 2017, updated annually

A tool for manually curating the extensive list of whiskies available at Whiskyfest events, to generate a printable shortlist of highlights one may want to check out at the event.

Resumé Updated as-needed

All about me. Well, work-related stuff.